single ladies gym time

More Time for the Gym!


After a breakup I tend to get a little antsy.  All that time I spent with someone else, or thinking about someone else, or doing things for someone else…. all that time I now had to just sit and think about our breakup and how much I missed them.

So after a breakup instead of sitting on the couch downing a bottle of wine or crying into my Ben ‘n’ Jerry’s (which yes I had to do a few times just to make sure that didn’t work), I hit the gym instead!! Running makes me sweat and work out all that anger about all the other person, and lifting weights reminds me that I am a bad-ass bitch that can do better than him anyway.

After a while I don’t need the gym anymore, but I keep going because it continues to make me feel good, and I have so much time on my hands I may as well!! #itsgreattobesingle

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