single ladies wine night

Wine Nights with My Ladies


Tonight I am planning a wine night with a bunch of my girlfriends.  Since I have my own apartment now, I could technically invite them over whenever … however I like to appreciate this privilege because it isn’t something I could do when I lived with my ex.

I previously attempted to have wine nights.  I claimed that it was “girls night”, which meant my ex could not come because he simply possessed the incorrect genetalia.  Unfortunately this argument never held too strong, and on most occasions he would be there with us, usually with a guy or two.  Of course, the boys would always fuck it up with beer.  It’s WINE night, I tell you!

So I never really got to have ladies wine night because it would always just become multi-genetalia drinking night.  Sure, they were fun too, but I sure do cherish my time with my ladies now that I can have it! #itsgreattobesingle

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