Eat greasy food

I Don’t Care What I Eat


Last night I went to the Sam Smith concert, and it was amazing.  That isn’t the point though, maybe for another day.  The point is that at the concert we had a few drinks and I felt like stopping through the McDonald’s drive through on the way home for chicken nuggets.

When I was in a relationship I would be conscious of my looks and I was always trying to eat healthy for some event we were going to, or some holiday coming up where I had to squeeze into a little dress.

Now that I’m single, I do like to eat healthy, but there is absolutely no guilt in eating whatever I want if I’m craving something greasy.  Hey, there’s a man out there that will love me for me and my nug-handles, right?!  Gotta be at least one!!

You dig into them nugs, you single saucy devil – you deserve it.  #itsgreattobesingle

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Be Happy!

You are More Determined to Better Yourself


When I am in a relationship I am always focused on the other person, and what is going on with “us”.  Taking time for myself to think about what I want to be doing and ways I can better myself as an individual really doesn’t come into play.

When my last relationship ended, after I got over the crying and inhaling copious amounts of wine and chocolate, I started to think about how to move forward.  I started compiling a list of reasons why it was actually more advantageous to be single, rather than being in a relationship, and what do you know – my first book was born: 101 Reasons Why it’s Great to be Single.

Bettering myself as an individual and finding ways to not only be successful, but happy, is just one of those 101 reasons.  Turns out being a single lady gives me lots to be grateful for #itsgreattobesingle

101 Reasons Why it’s Great to Be Single is available on AuthorhouseAmazon, and Barnes and Noble 

single ladies gym time

More Time for the Gym!


After a breakup I tend to get a little antsy.  All that time I spent with someone else, or thinking about someone else, or doing things for someone else…. all that time I now had to just sit and think about our breakup and how much I missed them.

So after a breakup instead of sitting on the couch downing a bottle of wine or crying into my Ben ‘n’ Jerry’s (which yes I had to do a few times just to make sure that didn’t work), I hit the gym instead!! Running makes me sweat and work out all that anger about all the other person, and lifting weights reminds me that I am a bad-ass bitch that can do better than him anyway.

After a while I don’t need the gym anymore, but I keep going because it continues to make me feel good, and I have so much time on my hands I may as well!! #itsgreattobesingle

101 Reasons Why it’s Great to Be Single is available on AuthorhouseAmazon, and Barnes and Noble 

Single Dog Lady

Single Life = Own the Pets YOU Want!


When you are in a relationship, you often will not agree on buying the same type of animals.  It could be that your significant other is allergic to cats, or simply not fond of giant horsed-size dogs.  Well, you want those things but you can’t have them because your significant other doesn’t want them.

When you are single you can own your very own Rover.

When I got out of my last relationship I decided that having a little companion in the house would help ease the pain of no longer living with someone.  However, between work and gym I was rarely home.  Certainly not enough to have a dog or a kitten who would want affection all the time.

So, I bought a fish.  I named the fish Frederick and Frederick did not mind that I wasn’t home all that often.  Frederick and I would watch TV at night and sometimes I would have conversations with him – (don’t judge, he was an amazing listener).

I’m now thinking that a big fat cat might be a nice addition to my apartment.  They would be so lazy I’m sure they also would not mind me not being home.

In any case, being single I no longer have to worry about the pets that my significant other may or may not want – if I want a pet and it fits with my lifestyle, I’ll get one 🙂


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Extra Tickets are Yours!


If any of your friends ever has an extra ticket anywhere – they always invite you, because you are the token single friend!

There are lots of times where this can come in handy – your friend buys tickets for a hockey game and then her boyfriend breaks up with her before she can tell him about it.  Your couple friends split and your girl needs to blow off some steam with a girls night.  Hey, you are happy to take those tickets and give them a shoulder to cry on.  Heck, you may even buy the beer!  Just kidding, being a sexy single lady you should just get the guy in line in front of you to buy them for you 😉


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No Sharing Movie Snacks


I recently went to the movies with a girlfriend to go see Unbroken.  I didn’t know much about the movie other than a guy goes through hardship and it’s directed by Angelina Jolie.  So, of course I loaded up on movie snacks.

When I would go to the movies with my boyfriend we would always get a giant popcorn and share it.  I am not sure why we did this, I guess he thought it was romantic.  It most certainly was not. His giant man hands would dive into that popcorn bag leaving no room for me, and I would have to aggressively fight my hand into the bad just to get some popcorn.

On this movie trip, I decided I didn’t actually want a whole bag of popcorn. I wanted a little popcorn, a little chocolate, some pop and some berries.  So guess what?  I fucking got all of those things!  AND I did not have to share.

Not only do I not have to fight my way into a popcorn bag, being a single woman I now decide exactly what I want and I get all of it!  #itsgreattobesingle

101 Reasons Why it’s Great to Be Single is available on Authorhouse and Amazon