Single and tough

Challenge Yourself


101 Reasons Why it’s Great to Be Single lists a wide variety of benefits of living the single life, including not having to share your Ben N Jerry’s, being able to eat Lucky Charms for dinner, and binging on junk food without judgement.

It’s true – being single can make your inner glutton shiver with excitement and encourage you to take advantage of every fatty/sugary endeavor you can imagine. On the other end of the spectrum though, is the drive to achieve new fitness goals and try out new physical activities with all the time you have now that you’re single.

I don’t know about you, but I seem to do everything to excess.  If I feel like eating an entire bag of Oreos, I’m going to do it because that’s what I feel like doing! (Okay that’s a lie, I get really sick after half a bag, but I’ll get there someday.  It’s good to have life goals).  On the other hand, some days I’ll spend 2 hours at the gym and then go for a run later just because I’m in the zone.

This year, I decided that I should sign up for some sort of fitness challenge.  I did Tough Mudder in 2012 and had a blast, so I decided “why not put myself through that pain and suffering again?  After all, I did it once!”.

Once word got out that I was participating in Tough Mudder, friends starting asking me to do other fitness events with them.  In true all-or-nothing fashion I am now registered for Tough Mudder, the Sun Run, Mudderella, Mud Hero and Rugged Maniac.

This will either be the year that I become an all-around hard core total fitness bad-ass…. or die.  #itsgreattobesingle

101 Reasons Why it’s Great to Be Single is available on AuthorhouseAmazon, and Barnes and Noble