Eat greasy food

I Don’t Care What I Eat


Last night I went to the Sam Smith concert, and it was amazing.  That isn’t the point though, maybe for another day.  The point is that at the concert we had a few drinks and I felt like stopping through the McDonald’s drive through on the way home for chicken nuggets.

When I was in a relationship I would be conscious of my looks and I was always trying to eat healthy for some event we were going to, or some holiday coming up where I had to squeeze into a little dress.

Now that I’m single, I do like to eat healthy, but there is absolutely no guilt in eating whatever I want if I’m craving something greasy.  Hey, there’s a man out there that will love me for me and my nug-handles, right?!  Gotta be at least one!!

You dig into them nugs, you single saucy devil – you deserve it.  #itsgreattobesingle

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