Single Dog Lady

Single Life = Own the Pets YOU Want!


When you are in a relationship, you often will not agree on buying the same type of animals.  It could be that your significant other is allergic to cats, or simply not fond of giant horsed-size dogs.  Well, you want those things but you can’t have them because your significant other doesn’t want them.

When you are single you can own your very own Rover.

When I got out of my last relationship I decided that having a little companion in the house would help ease the pain of no longer living with someone.  However, between work and gym I was rarely home.  Certainly not enough to have a dog or a kitten who would want affection all the time.

So, I bought a fish.  I named the fish Frederick and Frederick did not mind that I wasn’t home all that often.  Frederick and I would watch TV at night and sometimes I would have conversations with him – (don’t judge, he was an amazing listener).

I’m now thinking that a big fat cat might be a nice addition to my apartment.  They would be so lazy I’m sure they also would not mind me not being home.

In any case, being single I no longer have to worry about the pets that my significant other may or may not want – if I want a pet and it fits with my lifestyle, I’ll get one 🙂


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