Christmas before thanksgiving

Nordstrom is Wrong about Christmas


In the US, Nordstrom has stated that it won’t be decorating for Christmas until after Thanksgiving, saying it “prefers to celebrate one holiday at a time”. This resulted in a fair amount of band-wagoners stating that Christmas celebrations come too early and we need to hold off on Christmas until other holidays are celebrated.

To this I say “BA-HUMBUG!”

More importantly, I say…. “why?”.  When I turn on the news in the morning I am inundated with terrible things happening in the world. Our day-to-day access to information in the world is more negative than positive simply because it sells better.

Good News vs. Bad News

While it may be hard to believe, the good to bad ratio of events in the world is NOT  80% bad and 10% good.  We only see it that way because that is what we are presented with. If these percentages were true, the world would not be a place I would want to live.

The good news is this simply isn’t true. The ratio of good to bad is only what we subject ourselves to.

I will say that again: The good news to bad news ratio in the world is dependent on what we subject ourselves to.

There are thousands – no, millions, of events happening every day in this world, and our reality is based upon what we hear and see.

The Christmas Celebration Debate

Back to the Nordstrom Christmas Celebration Topic:

If I am excited about Christmas, why shouldn’t I be able to celebrate Christmas at the same time I am celebrating Thanksgiving? It’s not as if I am forgetting to celebrate Thanksgiving and ONLY focusing on Christmas.  Can I not be grateful for all that I have, WHILE being surrounded by mistletoe and garlands?

While I understand the business reasons for decorating one holiday at a time, social media should not take this as a queue to withhold excitement for holidays simply because “it isn’t time yet”.

There is NO reason you should not be positive and excited about every holiday.  You won’t forget about Easter just because it’s Christmas time, just as you won’t forget about Thanksgiving just because Christmas is around the corner. Celebrate away, my happy, positive comrades.

So When Should We Celebrate Christmas?

In my opinion, you should celebrate Christmas ANYTIME YOU WANT TO! If February rolls around and you still have a tree up are you going to forget Valentines Day?  If your pumpkins are on the porch in October but your mistletoe is in the doorway of your kitchen will you overlook Halloween just because Christmas is so magnetic that it blanks your memory?!

Of course not.  If you get excited over a holiday you should celebrate that holiday with joy.  You should yell from the rooftops, make lists, and arrange get-togethers.  You should not hide your feelings or decorations simply because it “isn’t time yet”.

Personally, I will sing Christmas songs any time of the year.  I love any holiday, all holidays, and I won’t be told when to celebrate them. BA-HUMBUG.

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