Sports when you are single

Join All the Sports!


When I am single I have a lot more time for extracurricular activities.  My week isn’t filled up with sitting in front of the TV with my significant other or going on dates.  I’m not saying those things are bad, I’m just saying that they take up quite a bit of time.

If I were to sit down and ask myself “do I want to join a sport a couple times a week, or spend that time watching TV”?  I would most definitely choose the sport.  However, for some reason when I am in a relationship I don’t ask myself what I want – I just sort of fall into the groove of the relationship.

I recently got really excited about this concept.  So excited that I joined a soccer team, a hiking club and a boot camp.  I already hit the gym quite frequently, gym time is solo.  I figured not only would these group fitness activities keep me fit, but I would also meet some pretty awesome people with the same interests.

Flying solo means I’m social and active – I’ll take it!  #itsgreattobesingle

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single ladies gym time

More Time for the Gym!


After a breakup I tend to get a little antsy.  All that time I spent with someone else, or thinking about someone else, or doing things for someone else…. all that time I now had to just sit and think about our breakup and how much I missed them.

So after a breakup instead of sitting on the couch downing a bottle of wine or crying into my Ben ‘n’ Jerry’s (which yes I had to do a few times just to make sure that didn’t work), I hit the gym instead!! Running makes me sweat and work out all that anger about all the other person, and lifting weights reminds me that I am a bad-ass bitch that can do better than him anyway.

After a while I don’t need the gym anymore, but I keep going because it continues to make me feel good, and I have so much time on my hands I may as well!! #itsgreattobesingle

101 Reasons Why it’s Great to Be Single is available on AuthorhouseAmazon, and Barnes and Noble