getting over a breakup

How to Get Over a Breakup


Breakups are the worst.  Either someone has dumped you, or you’re sick of the BS you have to deal with on a daily basis and you’ve made a decision to kick them out of your life.  In any case, you’re left alone, thinking about all the good times you had and all the things you will miss about that person.

There is some sort of sick pleasure in continuing to feel that pain. We have one small thought… and then start to dwell on that thought, and all of a sudden that small pain is an immense torture and we’re sitting in a pool of tears bellowing out “why!?!”, “why?!???”, until eventually our neighbors come to hate us.

Well, that sadness is healthy.  Maybe not to the extreme of surrounding yourself with soggy Kleenex while you yell out to the gods for spiting you, but some sadness is good to sit in for a bit so that you can work through it and not have to deal with it again. Once that sadness is over though, it’s time to move on.  It’s time to visualize a giant STOP sign in your mind each time you think about the “good” times, and maybe even snap an elastic band on your wrist to physically pull yourself out.

Why?  Because it wasn’t good.  It ended for a reason.

Just sit with that for a minute.  For all the great, amazing times you had together.  For all the compliments, and laughs, and heart-melting conversations, there was something (or maybe lots of things), that made it impractical or impossible to continue a relationship.  For all good things, there were equally shitty things just sitting behind the corner not being acknowledged.

So, let’s move on.  You’re an amazing human being with tons of things going for you and there are a million reasons why it’s great to be single.

I’ve started out by outlining 101 of them to steer you on the right path.  This blog discusses a lot of them – they are light, humorous reflections of my own personal experience related to being in a relationship vs. being single.

I thought it would be hard to think of 101.  In fact, they came quite easily.  If you’d like to take a gander check out 101 Reasons Why it’s Great to Be Single.

So go ahead, you amazing individual – visualize that stop sign and start looking forward to all the great things that lay ahead of you. With hope comes all possibility #itsgreattobesingle


No Sharing Movie Snacks


I recently went to the movies with a girlfriend to go see Unbroken.  I didn’t know much about the movie other than a guy goes through hardship and it’s directed by Angelina Jolie.  So, of course I loaded up on movie snacks.

When I would go to the movies with my boyfriend we would always get a giant popcorn and share it.  I am not sure why we did this, I guess he thought it was romantic.  It most certainly was not. His giant man hands would dive into that popcorn bag leaving no room for me, and I would have to aggressively fight my hand into the bad just to get some popcorn.

On this movie trip, I decided I didn’t actually want a whole bag of popcorn. I wanted a little popcorn, a little chocolate, some pop and some berries.  So guess what?  I fucking got all of those things!  AND I did not have to share.

Not only do I not have to fight my way into a popcorn bag, being a single woman I now decide exactly what I want and I get all of it!  #itsgreattobesingle

101 Reasons Why it’s Great to Be Single is available on Authorhouse and Amazon