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Best Friend Christmas Gift Ideas


The holidays are fast approaching and you still need a gift for your bestie!  Maybe you’ve decided not to spend a lot on each other this year, but you still want to get them something meaningful.

Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling:

  1. Single Basket of Awesomeness

If your bestie is single, put together a Single Basket of Awesomeness: including 101 Reasons Why it’s Great to be Single (or a printout of the cover with a note that says you’ve bought them the eBook), a bottle of their favorite wine (or other alcoholic beverage), some magazines with scantily clad pictures of the opposite sex, and OF COURSE, chocolate.

2. Girls/Guys Night Out

Tickets to an event in town that you can both go to.  My “go-to” include food tours, comedy shows, local seasonal activities, concerts, etc. By choosing an activity you can both go to you’ll likely end up paying a bit more, but you’ll get to go with them! (Unless of course they are a jerk and take someone else… in which case why are they your besite anyway).

3. Representations of Their LIKES

We all know that one thing that our besite LOVES.  Whether it’s Martinis, Owls, Kittens, or some other random fascination, they have something that they absolutely love and even get excited when they talk about it.  A gift that has something to do with this LOVE will always win.  They LOVE owls and you get them an owl mug?  You’re freakin’ golden.

4. Inside Jokes/Bestie Specific Presents

Some presents are meaningful, and others are just silly.  If you know your bestie well, you probably have an inside joke or two, or something that really defines your relationship.  For example, I would always go for lunch with a friend and we would buy mint Kit Kats.  We LOVED them because they were so different.  SO, for Christmas one year I went online and ordered her a bunch of different Kit Kats in various flavors. Best gift ever.

Do you have some suggestions of bestie gifts?  Leave your ideas in the comments below!