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Top 15 Reasons to Be Single This Summer

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Single for the summer?  Pick up 101 Reasons Why it’s Great to Be Single for the complete list of why being single this summer is going to be simply amazing.

In the meantime, check out our Top 15 Reasons for Staying Single this Summer!

  1. Look Better: Being single means you have more time to hit the gym and get that beach-ready bod.
  2. Have More Time to Travel: No need to compare your schedule with your “other” – just grab a friend and take off!
  3. Save Some Coin: Summertime means warm weather and that means dates that don’t cost a fortune! Picnic on the beach? Yes please!
  4. No Sharing Your Ice Cream: Does this even need an explanation?? Not having to share your cookie dough double scoop should really be enough.
  5. Find Your Stuff Quickly: Summertime means getting home from work, grabbing your beach gear and sprinting back to your besties’ car to hit the beach before sun down. Being single means you don’t have someone moving your things around and causing unnecessary “where’s my suit” type question time-wasters.
  6. Take Advantage of Bonus Invites: Summertime means summertime events, and whenever anyone has a +1 you are always the #1 invite!
  7. Go on Guilt-free Adventures: No need to worry about disappointing your beau when you get invited onto that shirtless all-male speed boat. Sail away you single saucy broad!
  8. Belt it Out: There is an air of liberation when driving around solo in the summer and belting out your summertime tunes.  You just don’t have the same freedom and ridiculousness with your “other” in the car.
  9. Let it Hang Low: Although more accurate for those of the male variety, this still rings true for girls.  Being naked in your own home is extremely liberating if you’re single (**side note: and live alone. Unless the roommates are keen on those kind of shenanigans…).
  10. Be a Visitor in Your Own City: When you’re single you get to go on first dates! That means being a visitor in your own city and checking out the exciting touristy things you wouldn’t normally do.
  11. Mix up Your Meals: Summertime means farmers markets! No need to worry about what your “other” does or doesn’t like, you can create your own summertime concoctions that you enjoy!
  12. No Random Mess: No need to worry about bathing suits tossed over the bannister and sand sprinkled on the floor when you get home from work. The only random summertime messes are from your beachwear….and somehow they are much less annoying when they are yours!
  13. Treat Yourself: Summertime means all those winter clothes are shoved into the back of your closet and new summer-wear is out on display in the stores at a reasonable cost (especially considering you’re only buying half the shirt)… go ahead and rock those crop tops you single saucy broad!
  14. Find Your Zen: No matter how similar you are to someone, or how well you get along, there will always be times when you fight.  Summertime is not a time for fighting; it’s a time to relax, tan, swim, and maybe grab a few bevvies. Being single means no conflict.
  15. Sexy Magic: As soon as you own your singleness you immediately become more attractive to those around you. Whether you’re strutting down the beach, sauntering up to the barista, or casually tossing that Frisbee back to the individual with the winning “thank you” smile, you are owning this summer!!

* For the full article see Top 15 Reasons to be Single this Summer

**For the full 101 Reasons Why it’s Great to Be Single book see Amazon

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Health Benefits of Being Single

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Given that you are reading this article, I’ll assume that you have read more than one article outlining how day-to-day stress leads to significant health concerns. If not, there are quite a few examples of how stress impacts the body listed here.

BUT did you know that being single can actually reduce stress??

More specifically, being single can reduce depression & anxiety, lower high blood pressure, help manage obesity, enhance sexual desire and lower the effect of gastrointestinal problems such as gastritis and irritable colon.

Sound too good to be true? Not quite.

Many people jump into relationships because they feel the social stigma tells them they have to. Studies show that most are simply scared of being single. Is it not ironic that being in a relationship with the wrong person, can actually lead to more stress than being single?? I think so.

The simple fact is, if you focus less on trying to find someone and more on yourself and your health, you will not only create a less stressful lifestyle and thus decrease the potential of later health detriments, but you’ll also make yourself more attractive to the opposite sex; live longer, AND meet sexy singletons in the process!



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How to Date in 2016


Welcome to the age of Tinder, Netflix and chill and hedonistic shallow relationships!!

Isn’t it great?!?!  You can just download an app, send a few lines of text, (which are usually read without context and therefore interpreted incorrectly)… and *poof!* a relationship made up in your head is formed.

Suddenly, your empty void is filled and you are texting back and forth in a flirty banter that makes you feel slightly dirty and yet oddly confident!  Does it matter that you’re an unintentional contestant in your very own Tinder Bachelor?  No way, they’re clearly only interested in you because you’re so super.  Fuck those other tinder sloots.

Sooooo if you haven’t interpreted the sarcasm yet, by “this is great” I mean absolutely horrible and wrong. Which you’ve told yourself over and over and yet… keep making excuses about. Let’s just take a minute though, together, to be honest with each other.  This entire process is f*cked.


Again. Sit with it. Let it settle.


UNLESS of course, you’re a super creepy perv, or a sex addict, or even a dude with a gf who needs to creep around without her knowing.  In THAT case, it is super peachy.

And let’s be honest, for those free-spirited sexually charged ladies who recently broke up with their guys it isn’t that terrible (unless you meet the aforementioned creepy pervs/sex addicts/dude with gf).

We’ve all asked ourselves – “Where did this come from? How did it get like this?”  WELL. I’M ABOUT TO DROP SOME KNOWLEDGE ON YOU RIGHT NOW.


It is you.  It’s f*cking you.

Don’t even try to deny it.  To my fellow women, don’t even try to say “f*ck that, that guy said [insert random rude comment]” or “how could you even say I prompted [insert random terrible action]”. And to my guys, I’ll stop you before your comment “that [female name calling] knew what this was”, or “I literally said hi and she was like [explicit proposition]”.

Those remarks, my friends, are what psychologists call projecting, or, blame shifting.  And they don’t just call it that because it’s fun to say and they like to sound smart (well, not the only reason); it’s called that because it happens so often that it actually needs a term.

The reason dating is the way it is today is because of each and every single one of us. We project our behavior onto others and then use that to excuse away the behavior.

So how do we change it?

Ladies – Next time a guy you meet online says something that doesn’t feel right, or makes you feel insecure/uneasy/wrong, rather than going with it, call them out.   “What you said is not okay with me and I won’t be talked to like that”. No matter what he says after that, that sentence does not make you a b*tch.  It makes you someone who respects herself. You know this; you know his behavior is not okay.  So instead of not reacting directly and then b*tching to your girls about it, realize that you can make a difference and change your behavior.

Guys – same blurb, different example.  You’re on an online dating site because you’re single and your penis needs some attention.  You ask girls to come over to have a drink and watch Netflix and they do.  So you take the position that they are, how we say… sloooooty. Let’s take a walk on a wild side and imagine if you had asked them for a walk on the sea-wall and an ice cream instead.  Holy f*ck! The date doesn’t end in them naked! Whaaaaat?!

My point is, don’t bitch about today’s dating lifestyle while participating in it. You always have a part in your predicament. I have yet to hear of a single situation where someone didn’t have a part in their uncomfortable circumstance. Try me. (seriously, comments below). Name a situation, and I’ll outline your part, however small, in continuing the pain/discomfort rather than moving on.

The good news?  If it’s our fault this atrocity is happening, then we have the power to change it. What if you delete tinder? Plan a romantic date for that girl you just met? Block that guy’s number from your phone for his remarks?

Next time, rather than tearing down today’s dating style. Take one action that actively prevents it.