Pokemon Go: To Play or Not to Play?


Have you found yourself thinking “everyone else is playing Pokemon Go, should I download it too?!”

If you are a huge gamer, then yes.  Obviously.  Why did you even ask? Go catch ’em all!

BUT, if you are NOT a gamer, and just jumping on board because everyone else is playing Pokemon Go, these questions will help you decide:

  1. Are You in a Relationship?
    If you answered “YES”, that means your significant other has Pokemon access, allowing you to participate in the Pokemon hunt, without leading to Pokemon obsession.
    If you answered “NO”, then obviously you should go play.  Not only will you make new friends but you may even pick up some other Poke-gamer while out and about  and BOOM = insta connection 😉
  2. Do You Know 10+ of the Names of the Pokemon in Pokemon Go?
    If you answered “NO” that means you haven’t played Pokemon before or are less likely to become obsessed with the game, so yes, go play.
    If you answered “YES” then you shouldn’t even be reading this blog because you’re obs a gamer already (see above), so why are you even here.  UNLESS you were one of those people who played Pokemon Snap as a child, which I have huge respect for, so still, go play.
  3. Do You Have an Obsessive Personality?
    If you answered “NO” that means you are less likely to push aside other responsibilities to play the game and should definitely play the game.  Although you may get bored quickly so don’t forget to remove it from your phone when you do.
    If you answered “YES” I highly recommend not downloading the game.  Especially if you have not done so already! There are so many people who are so far ahead of you, downloading it now will just be disappointing (not to mention distract you from whatever else it is you do in life that is more important than Pokemon).
  4. Are you Worried About Data Usage?
    Many places these days have Wi-Fi, which is great, but there as so many Pokemon NOT in the wifi areas that this will use up a lot of your data.  So unless you have a ton of data, Pokemon Go is a nogo for you.
  5. When Driving, is Your Phone within Reach?
    If you answered “NO” that means you won’t be tempted to catch Pokemon while driving, so Pokemon away.
    If you answered “YES” then you should a) never download this game.  EVER.  EVER. EVER. b) never download this game.  EVER.  EVER. EVER. and c) never download this game.  EVER.  EVER. EVER. – Even if you have one of those cars that will text and call through Siri, DO NOT.  “Why?”  You ask.
    You will want to catch Pokemon, and Siri won’t be able to.  SO unless you have a co-pilot at all times in your car, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME.


If you answered NO to most of these questions, then cool, go ahead and download Pokemon Go and join the trend.  Personally, I answered YES to too many to justify downloading the game. Especially the obsessive personality question – I will catch them all and I will beat everyone and I will wiiiiiiiiin. too much.






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