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Should You Vote Donald Trump?


The fact that Trump is even considered as a candidate is appalling… and frankly, the fact that he currently leads in the polls makes me physically ill.  However, given today’s access to social media, where the majority vote is not often based on critical thought, but on irrational emotional majority, it is not surprising.

The main problem is that Donald Trump represents many of our internal negative thoughts about society that we would never say to anyone, and yet believe to be true. We (the collective “we” of America, as stated by the current poll forecasts), therefore jump on the Trump bandwagon in favor of someone who is willing to voice the opinions we aren’t ready to.

The main problem lies… and the fundamental suggestion I URGE you to consider… is “although I take this view as an individual, is this a view that I want my society to take as a whole?”

Personal Ideology vs. Government Ideology

A great example is Capital Punishment: I personally agree that the “F*ckin sunnuvab*tch” that killed a relative of mine should be murdered immediately. My personal, emotional reaction is for revenge.  BUT – is this the reaction I want my government to have?

NO. And here is why:

The saying “an eye-for-an-eye leaves the whole world blind” is not just a fun poetic scripture.  If our society focuses on retaliation instead of rehabilitation, not only does our death count increase, but the innocent number of people affected by tragedies does so exponentially. Also, in case you weren’t aware – the death penalty costs our taxpayers significantly more than a life sentence in prison.

So, while I personally would not hesitate to harm anyone who lay a finger on someone I cared for, I do NOT want a government that jumps to retribution.

How Does This Relate to Donald Trump?

So how is this relevant to the current political debate?  While many of you many agree on his views on a personal level, please consider what this would mean if the entire country adopted this view. Those who have not read Lord of the Flies, I would encourage you to do so.  In summary, it focuses on how following the majority can lead to deadly, and inhumanly consequences.

5 Reasons Not to Vote for Donald Trump

So, here are 5 Reasons NOT to vote for Trump even though you may think it funny (or so help me, “a good idea”), to do so:

  1. Deport 11 million illegal immigrants

You want to get rid of illegal immigrants invading your country and stealing your jobs?  On a personal level, sure – I can feel your frustration.  On a national level though, to properly rid your country of these illegal immigrants it is going to take you over 20 years and billions of dollars of tax payer dollars.  Yep, I said billions.

What’s a better plan?  Well, preventing illegal immigration in the first place would be a good start. Let’s see what Trump has planed for that….

2. Build a US/Mexican Border

Oh, a border!  Because a physical border will solve all our problems. Oh wait, nope.  Wrong again. This would cost the country… you guessed it…  billions of tax payer dollars!  Okay… so if we are SO simple minded to believe that a wall will solve all our problems, how do we get the money?

2. Increase tax on China

Oh yes – if the Mexicans won’t solve our problem, let’s turn to China. As the world’s largest export country, why shouldn’t we raise the cost for them?  Oh, I have an idea – maybe because they are the LARGEST EXPORT COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.  and….The US isn’t the only Country buying from them.

Not sure if you noticed but Canadian/Chinese relations were automatically strengthened when China recognized that Trudeau’s father was a great ally to the Chinese… turns out paying attention to cultural differences is an important strategy in politics… go figure!

3. Surveillance of Muslims

Okay so if we can’t tax the Chinese without significantly decreasing our low-cost goods (and yep that means the great deal you got on the gift for your wife on Amazon), why not get angry and kick out all the Muslims?

Turns out even Canadians were hesitant on accepting refugees after the Paris attacks. Instead of accepting all refugees though, Canada changed its policy to accept only families, women and children (no men travelling alone), as the security of the country was at utmost importance.

Trump’s strategy on the other hand, is to accept NO MUSLIMS, increase surveillance on current Muslims in the country, and to bomb ISIS aggressively.

This sounds like a pretty solid strategy with absolutely NO repercussions…. NOT.

4. Cut Taxes to Increase Spending

Trump thinks that if he decreases taxes, the general US population will increase US spending and the economy will bounce back. However, will his attack on ISIS and current immigrants, those who are wise will hold onto their money – possibly even withdrawing it from banks in case they need to flee the country (therefore having a negative impact on the US economy).

Who knew that creating a knee-jerk, fear-based society could have negative economic impact?

5. Kill Obamacare

I’m getting this right, once Trump is in, Obamacare is gone and everyone needs to pay for healthcare. If you do not, you are fined. His promises are vague and he seems to go with the majority on this… but again… what the heck are you voting for?

Trump wants to win.  He will say whatever he needs to in order to win. Please read and consider your vote seriously before making a decision.





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