Single lady drinks

Happy Hump Day!


Now that Valentine’s Day is over us singletons can go back to hitting on each other without the awkward topic of “so what are you doing for Valentine’s Day?”

The WORST is when you’ve been on a few dates and then Valentine’s comes along and threatens to throw you into a committed relationship before you really know the person.  It’s a LOVE day, and we just aren’t there yet – oh gawd, palms sweaty.

I’m sure the terms “I’m just gunna do me” was thrown around quite a bit this weekend.  Me?  I spent it with my lady friend getting tipsy and prancing around downtown like idiots commiserating about our lack of love.  Twas a great night.

I always thought it would be great to meet someone on V-day actually, just for the sake of being able to combine two holidays.  Seriously, between his birthday, your anniversary, Vday, Christmas, and other random celebrations that pop up out of nowhere, how am I supposed to keep coming up with amazing blow-you-away surprises (and money!).

But ANYWAYS, it’s over now and we can breathe a little easier for one more year.  Get back on that dating train.  Dating is great – you go out with some random individual you don’t know, and get to learn a little bit about their life.  Even if it doesn’t work out, you get some great conversation (and if you don’t, it’s still a great story to tell your friends).


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